About Us ?

Tri Mitra Agro has been exporting a million tons of konjac chips to various countries since six years ago. Many hundreds of customers are trusting us and they are satisfied with our products.

Not only processing the company, Tri Mitra Agro also build the culture of konjac cultivation with the farmers in Indonesia. Our konjac cultivation are an organic plantation.

Tri Mitra Agro is focusing to provide a large quantity konjac chips oven through the process of a series of certified machinery and ready to export to our customers around the world.

Product Specification
  • 100% Konjac Root
  • Oven Dried & Machine Sliced Konjac
  • Peeled Off Skin
  • No fungi
  • 0.3 - 0.6cm thickness
  • PP Bags (50 Kg)
  • 25 ton Min. Order

Our Factory & Warehouse

CV. Tri Mitra Agro is a manufacturing company that produces konjac chips from 100% konjac root. TMA has good technology and is supported by certified machine tools to process a good quality konjac chips product in large quantities and in a short time. Our product have been tested and achieve a several awards from the government and certified.

Production Lines


Our Certification

Our Plantation

We have a large organic konjac plant cultivation in various parts in Indonesia, with a modern technology and professional farming system. More than 200 hectares, our plantations are planted with high quality konjac seeds and maintained by trained farmers and assisted by sophisticated equipment. An organic fertilizer, modern irrigation and sun exposure is the goal to get a high quality for the future harvest. Therefore our capability is supplay almost 10.000 tons konjac root harvest in one season with a good nutrition and high glucomannan.

Application of Konjac Chips

Food & Ingredients

Healthy Beauty & Others

How to Order ?

There are 3 ways for customer to reach us and create an order :

Make a Call

We are very happy to help and guide you about what your question the order, about the product that you are expected

Make a Call

Send an Email

Feel free send your quotation through the email. We will replay your email quickly and give best deal from our price list

Send Email

Fill our Form

We already provide the form to fill in the quotation of you, also feel free to fill the inquiry as possible

Inquiry Form

Workflow Order to Shipping


Step 1 Order

Customers select the products, by filling in the quantity, specifications of the product and pay the order (Min. DP 50%), the total order does not include packaging and shipping.


Step 2 Payment

Customers are required to fulfill payments with a down payment of at least 50% of the total order or can pay off all of them.


Step 3 Manufacture

The manufacturing time depends on the number of items you ordered, or maybe the time increase because your order is in queue. We will inform you about the estimated execution of your order


Step 4 Packaging

As the production process progresses, the goods you ordered are partially finished, we will pack them with the packaging we have agreed upon.


Step 5 Shipping

All items that have been packaged, we check again to make sure the quantity and specifications are appropriate and then ready to be sent.


Our Distribution Area

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