Order Policy

1. Order and Manufacture

  • Buyers can order our products via:
    1. Call center (customer service)
    2. Filling the form by clicking request for quote button at our product catalog
    3. Filling the inquiry form
  • The capacity of our company is 4 - 4.5 tons to produce konjac powder per day with high quality product.
  • For the case with an order of 25 tons, the simulation calculation is

2. Order Payment

  • Order that have been agreed upon us, will be emailed to the buyer and CC to the TMA email , the email content is regarding the details of the invoice order concerned.
  • Minimum payment of 50% down payment is the buyer's obligation to carry out the next step which is production process and we will give the information about the timeline of each process production.

3. Container

There are 2 kinds of containers, namely 20' and 40'

20': Receive approximately 28m3
can hold 12 - 13 tons of konjac powder

40': Receive approximately 68m3
can hold 25 tons of konjac powder

4. FOB

TMA responsible the cost of transport of truck container until entering the ship (FOB)